Expand your Business Marketplaces Through Shopify

Brick and mortar are very much still relevant today and will continue to be so because some consumers like the in-person interaction of a traditional store. Fifty-six percent of online shoppers say that they still prefer the in-person experience in brick and mortar when compared to the digital experience of online shopping. However, Online stores lack this in-person touch owing to their indirect nature. But what they have going for them is the convenience that they offer consumers such as being able to shop at any time any place all year round without any restricting barriers such as time and in-store traffic during holidays. In fact, 39 percent of online shoppers say that their preference to shop online over brick and mortar is mostly attributed to speed.  These trends are what form the perfect basis of expanding your business market places so that you can reach and satisfy more consumers. Learn more

When you take time to think about it, there is a clear pattern emerging here. Some consumers prefer brick and mortar for one reason or another but will sometimes shop online because of certain conveniences and vice versa.

Why a business needs to expand its market places

The need to expand the services or products offered by your business is often because your current set up is established and has some relative success in making a profit. For a physical store, one form of expansion involves increasing the number of places in which you sell your products. This could be in the form of boots on the ground, where you have salespeople going out and selling to specific local geographic areas and beyond or it could be opening new stores in the regions that require your services and products.



With today’s technology, salespeople can process payments right on the spot including credit card payments irrespective of their mobility and being physically away from the parent store.

This is all thanks to point of sale (POS) systems that can process payments for a physical store. It can also incorporate mobile credit card readers and integrate online payment gateways if you extended your business to an online store.

Consumer shopping trends have always been evolving, and this phenomenon is not about to stop any time soon. With all the evolution of markets going on, one fact remains constant, and that is as you increase the number of places you sell your product, you open yourself up to data collection of a wider audience. Transactions through several channels provide additional customer insight that you can leverage to improve your sales. 

This insight also allows your business to achieve two key things:

  • Increase brand awareness to the right market segment
  • Come up with a targeted marketing strategy

A physical store can also leverage the extensive outreach that selling online provides. The digital market place has enormous potential as the current shopping trend is veering towards online shopping. For you to harness this successfully, you would have to create an online store as an additional channel to sell your merchandise or services. This is where e-commerce platforms come in. Fortunately, most platforms have very intuitive web building tools and allow you to create your own website with incredible ease. 

Shopify is an ideal e-commerce platform for expanding to new market place

If you are going to take on the digital market place, then you might as well go in blazing with a stunning website. Shopify is considered one of the best and most excellent e-commerce options there is when it comes to creating an online store.

This online store web builder has simplified this process to the extent that even you can create your own web store within a matter of minutes as it does not require you to have coding knowledge. It is such an easy process that you just might be shocked with amazement to see yourself accomplish building a website in literally a few minutes.

Shopify is very much a one stop shop and will also allow you the opportunity to purchase a domain name. You can upload unlimited products. Uploading products is equally simple as the tools enable you to upload in bulk should you choose to. The convenience of not having to look for a hosting service is very appealing to most entrepreneurs who want to focus on the marketing and selling end of their business and not have to be concerned with back end issues such as server configurations and so forth.

Shopify will provide all your hosting needs and promises zero worries on crucial performance aspects such as uptime, speed and software updates. With this out of the way, you can focus on selling and serving your online customers. The beauty of this e-commerce platform other than its user-friendly features is its versatility. You can start small, or you can go big right from the start, either way, Shopify has you covered. For small entrepreneurs, Shopify monthly plans will favor you because they are affordable. More importantly, is that Shopify allows you room for expansion as you can always upgrade to a more suitable monthly plan that addresses your business growth needs. Beyond this, Shopify provides you with excellent customer support when you hit a technical snag that you can’t figure out.

Many entrepreneurs have a different approach to marketing, analytics, inventory as well as bookkeeping. Should you find that Shopify’s built-in features are lacking something your business needs, you have the option of accessing their app store that will provide you with additional tools to run your business with the sophistication and your preferred style. All this is in addition to this platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with social media such as Facebook and Instagram which will aid your marketing and selling efforts on multiple online channels and effectively help your business expand to new market places. 


Business expansion is relative to the services and products you sell and what geographic areas need your services. Your ability to deliver your services to these areas to fulfill a need to these market places is what will, in turn, translate to a profit. Leveraging on today’s consumer shopping trends and technology is what will enable you to choose the right vehicle towards successfully penetrating the right market places and succeeding in expanding your business.  Shopify has the right tools and features to help your business achieve this feat with relative ease.

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